Travel Safety Tips For Your Epic Road Trip

Planning an exciting, exploratory road trip across the country is almost a rite of passage for young adults in the United States.  The thrill of getting away from all you’ve ever known to seek out new horizons is unparalleled to most other things in life.

Though the excitement can be intoxicating, driving long distances comes with an inherent level of danger.  You have to properly prepare for a trip of this nature. Start now by checking out a few travel safety tips for your epic road trip, and secure safety alongside your next adventure.  

Prepare your vehicle

Before you ever pull the car out of the driveway, there are a few things you should make sure are in order.  Simply filling the gas tank is not going to assure the safety of yourself and others in the vehicle.

Try making a checklist, and walking through each step before you hit the road.  Avoid an unnecessary vehicle accident by investing in preparation.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Check the tires for tread and proper air pressure.
  • Check all the fluids under the hood.  
  • Check your windshield wipers for efficiency.
  • Check that all your signal lights and headlights work.

Prepare your mind and body

You don’t want to set out on a long road trip on two hours of sleep.  Make sure you get a full night’s rest before heading out on your journey, so your mind will be clear to focus on the road.  

While you’re driving, make sure you have plenty of water.  Don’t hesitate to stop for a restroom break, either. Holding “it” isn’t healthy, and it will eventually become rather distracting.  

Prepare your itinerary

It’s likely that you have a smartphone with Google Maps to show you the way to wherever you plan to go on your road trip, but sometimes those devices fail.  You don’t want to get lost in a place with which you aren’t familiar, so write down some key directions. A hard copy of where to go won’t leave you stranded.  

Prepare your finances

Of course, you’ve already planned for the cost of gas and snacks along your road trip, but there are other expenses for which you may not have prepared.  Blowing a tire on the interstate can cost a couple hundred bucks to rectify.

Try to make sure you have available funding on hand when you travel long distances to accommodate for unplanned expenses.  Your vacation will be more stress free, and you’ll have extra money when everything goes well.  

Prepare your friends and family

If you’re not traveling with your family, it’s safer to let them know where you’re going.  Just in case you are stranded, it’s safer to let people know where you are.