Travel Destinations That Highlight The Diversity Of America

Travel Destinations That Highlight The Diversity Of America

It’s fun to work a theme into your travel plans, and what better way to explore the true nature of America than to investigate a few destinations that highlight the nation’s diverse culture.  

Though there are plenty of Americans who refuse to embrace the melting pot of the country, the U.S. is still an exciting place to explore.  The land and the citizens are equally as diverse as you travel from coast to coast, and you’ll feel more enlightened after a truly divergent vacation.  

Here is a brief look at some of the most authentic and diverse destinations to consider while planning your next travel adventure.  


The treasures of Texas

Texas is home to an abnormally diverse population, and the larger cities of the state serve as an acceptable haven for immigrants and a rainbow of cultural backgrounds.  

Houston is a great place to visit if you want to experience different cultures through art.  Be careful walking downtown, and take a tour of the city’s most celebrated art museums.  There are plenty from which to choose, and you won’t be disappointed.  


The Amish of Ohio

The world’s largest Amish community exists intertwined along the rolling hills of Ohio.  The Amish settled here in the early 1700’s in search of religious freedom and expression, much like most everyone else who settled in the U.S. long ago.

You and your travel party can spend several days exploring the full spectrum of this large Amish community, just remember that the Amish take their holidays very seriously.  You won’t find any Amish-run businesses opened on Sundays.


Washington’s Bavarian Community

With the Cascade Mountains as the backdrop, the town of Leavenworth, Washington is home to a thriving Bavarian community.  Unlike you may expect, Leavenworth wasn’t founded by immigrants seeking a better life.  

The town was founded by the people as an attempt to save the community’s economy.  Today, Leavenworth is a top tourist destination in the U.S., and there’s plenty of authentic Bavarian culture to experience.  


One stop culture shop

New York, New York is arguably the most diverse city in the nation.  You can experience nearly any culture you seek within the divergent existence of what is New York City.  Chinatown, Dominican Diaspora, or Brighton Beach will keep you busy exploring for a while.  

The Cuban population of Florida

Florida has a long history of diversity simply because of its unique shape and location on the map.  Key West lies less than a hundred miles away from the coast of Cuba, and Miami’s Little Havana is lasting proof of a mass influx of Cubans in the 1980’s.  Explore this spicy culture, and get loose for a night in the Florida Keys.