The True Value of Going on a Trip

I would have referred to it as a hobby, but then that would kind of limit full time travel as an option to those who have a lot of money to their names, so I think it’s better to refer to it as a business. But yeah, getting into the business of full-time travel is often somewhat of a gradual process instead of one which just happens instantly. I mean sure, somewhere along in your life, if you’ve always harboured a bit of wanderlust within you then there’s a series of events related to travelling which make you realise that you’ve been a free-spirited traveller all your life, but there comes a time when it becomes official and you decide that this is what you want to do.

You’re no longer satisfied with the one or two vacations afforded to you annually and if you happen to get deployed somewhere on business, you milk the leisure side of the trip for all that it’s worth.

But what is the true value of going on a trip though?

Sure, for those of us who are in the travel blogging / travel marketing industry the economics of each subsequent trip you take tend to take centre stage and you make sure to get every bit of value (content wise) out of every trip you take, but this takes absolutely nothing away from the true essence of the trip. You get so much out of the entire process of booking your next trip, from the very moment you start organising it to the aftermath of all the fun, when you’re sitting at home, recapping on all the memories and organising all the happy snaps you shot.

Enriched perspective

This is probably the biggest takeaway any traveller gets from any trip they go on, even if they themselves can’t quite put a finger on it and explicitly point it out as a value-point. There is so much more to being able to look at a particular situation you’re experiencing and be able to weigh in or analyse it from the point of view of someone who is in the know about many other different ways of doing things. It’s about more than coming across as someone with a worldview on things when you’re able to say “In East Asia, they do it like this…”, etc.

Your perspective is enriched by mere virtue of you having experienced things from the perspective of people who might lead totally different lives to yours, or people who lead a very similar life to yours except they live on the other side of globe.

You might even be able to relate better with more people in and around your life and you could even be fuelled by a renewed sense of focus as you resolve to work harder and more efficiently, just so that you can enjoy going on your next trip.

The true value of going on a trip is a very personal one and it stays with you long after you’ve uploaded the last of your getaway selfies to your Instagram or Facebook.

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