The Life of a Digital Nomad

It was coming, wasn’t it, a post about the rather intriguing life of those who refer to themselves as digital nomads? So what does it take to make it happen, this life of remote earners who enjoy a location-independent life as a result of being able to work anywhere where they can get an internet connection?

Solid income generation streams

As much as freelancers are perhaps most synonymous with the typical digital nomad, the fact remains that you have to be able to sustain yourself while you’re out on the road. This means that your income generation streams have to have some kind of stability to them, even if it’s just roughly. This is just so that you can plan things better, even though most of the plans are made as you go along.

It’s quite the commonality for digital nomads to be working on somewhat of a full-time but remote basis, but the best form of income you could ever work towards generating as a digital nomad is a passive one. I’m talking here the likes of selling digital products online, which would naturally imply that it’s an automated business you’re operating and/or running a travel blog on a full-time basis and having that generate enough income to sustain you.

The ability to focus

There is no doubt about the fact that digital nomads lead all round exciting lives, even though many of them spend 90% of their time actually working really, really hard and some of the other 10% pretending that everything is all good on the road, by the beach. The good times are really good though, even though they’re usually short-lived, but you definitely need to develop an ability to focus if you’re going to make it happen as a digital nomad. This means sometimes having to spend the whole time while you’re on a flight working away on your laptop in addition to being able to get work done in some less-than-ideal conditions.

Dynamic organisational skills

This is perhaps the key to becoming a digital nomad – organisational skills that are dynamic, on-tap whenever they’re required to be deployed. This is how digital nomads can navigate dynamics such as restrictive visa laws to be able to enjoy settling in a bit and staying at a certain location longer.

You kind of pick these skills up on the go though and it goes way beyond just being able to complete some Google searches. For example, when searching budget airlines through online booking platforms there are certain times during which the flight fares are much cheaper than usual, even if you’re searching for flights during peak times.


Adaptability is of utmost importance if you want to be a digital nomad because this is what separates the digital nomads willing to stick it out from leisure travellers who are just in love with the idea of being a digital nomad. It’s really just a case of ADAPT OR GO BACK HOME and there are no two ways about it.

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