The Art of Packing and Travelling Light

The ability to pack and travel light goes such a long way in determining just how many places you can visit, how long you can stay in each of those destinations and just generally how long you can be away for. God knows one of the biggest pet peeves travellers have is that of having to cut the trip short and go back home, even if this isn’t necessarily done prematurely.

So learn to master the art of packing and travelling light and you may just be surprised at how much more fun travelling can be.

Visit summer destinations

This is the sagest advice you can get if your intention is to pack and travel light. Visiting destinations where it’s summertime means that you can pack in a couple of quick-drying surfer boy shorts as well as quick-drying t-shirts, like those Adidas ClimaCool ones footballers wear as their gear. You won’t have to pack in any heavy winter coats that take up so much space that at times you probably even have to carry it on yourself and there is no need for you to pack in any socks which have a knack for taking up quite a bit of space rather inconspicuously.

Flip-flops can be twisted and bent to fit into the tightest of spots and generally you’ll only need light clothing, which means you can fit in more of it to last longer while you’re away.

Use a specialised carry-on backpack

This is just a matter of making maximum use of the limitations placed on the carry-on luggage you can take with you on the aircraft, to be stowed away in the overhead compartments. Buy one of those carry-on backpacks which are sold by the airline’s shop, such as the online travel e-store Etihad Airways has and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of being able to make full use of the maximum limitations placed on carry-on luggage.

Go for a waterproof one and you’ve got yourself a real winner, otherwise anything you can’t fit into this bag is too much luggage for someone who’d like to refer to themselves as a light traveller.

Do laundry on-the-go

You should start to become comfortable with doing laundry every couple to a few days if you want to identify as a light traveller. In my short time travelling to all sorts of different places, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a true light traveller in action – a lad from Sri Lanka who travelled with nothing more than one of those Disney character backpacks! His secret was that he always had some of his clothes hanging on the washing line.

Use packing cubes

Okay, so you might have to get used to carrying around the vacuum that comes with the packing-cube set, but packing cubes are a great wonder of the light-traveller’s world. They pretty much compress your clothes and create so much space that you might even have to leave some of it empty to avoid your bag getting too heavy for you and for the airline’s weight restrictions.

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