Surprisingly Great Travel Sector Services

Between all the core services of the travel sector, I’m talking here the primary stuff like boarding the plane, getting transported from the airport, lodging at your place of accommodation and enjoying your holiday activities – there are a lot of those little “filler” services which complement the main stuff. You know what I’m on about, right?

I’m talking about the likes of the food you get served on the plane, the entertainment you have to keep yourself busy with and all those complimentary, in-between services you get. As one would ordinarily expect, these are something of an after-thought and so one sort of makes do with them, not really expecting too much by way of top-quality.

Travel long, far and wide enough though and the gift that keeps on giving that is travel will reveal some rather surprising encounters to you. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some stellar travel sector services, much to my surprise, this after being fully aware of just how rubbish many of these make-do travel sector services can be.

Business Class Upgrade

I was lucky enough to enjoy flying Business Class on a long-haul, trans-Atlantic flight with multiple stops, en route to the final destination and so I got to experience something I’ve always wanted to get a taste of, having previously always flown Economy Class. Okay as is to be expected, the Business Class cabin itself offers a premium service in comparison to Economy Class, which is not to say flying Economy Class is a bad thing at all.

It’s what you get with your Business Class ticket that’s pretty darn amazing, by way of the service. To this day I had the best ice-cream I’ve ever had in my entire life, flying Business Class and just the menu proper was out of this world. Business Class brings a whole new meaning to the horrible food associated with aircrafts, but it doesn’t even end there.

First Class Lounge

Lots of airlines all around the world seem to be ditching First Class and calling their premium service Business Class, but the airline I flew Business Class with still had their premium lounge listed as the First Class lounge. Now I’m even ashamed to say that the bed in the sleeping pod in the First Class lounge is about ten times more comfortable than my bed back home, but I take consolation of the fact that as someone who is happiest out on the road, such comforts only come as a welcome surprise and bonus.

After all, if you want to be able to travel further for longer, you simply cannot be trying to lodge in five star hotels and the likes, unless of course you’re a multi-millionaire who makes money faster than they can spend it!

The Best Sleep I’ve Ever Enjoyed

Now this might come as a great shock because the best sleep I’ve ever enjoyed outright was under the stars in a hammock on the beach, lulled to sleep by a beautiful melody which was harmonized by crickets and the sound of the crashing waves.

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