South America

There is no denying that South America is a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s a continent of adventure, indigenous and colonial cultures, incredible food and wanderlust jungles and beaches.

South America is so vast and diverse, you’ll struggle to find hoards tourists like you do with other popular backpacking destinations.

From the bargain prices to the rich culture and friendly locals, there is really something special about South America that everyone should experience.


Everyone has heard of Rio de Janeiro, famous for its vibrant culture, incredible carnivals and delicious food.

From breathtaking beaches to the infamous slums (favelas), Brazil offers a culture rich experience alongside the Amazon. The Amazon in Brazil is famed for its riverboats which give backpackers access to the remote and beautiful rainforest where you’ll find exotic creatures curious about your arrival.

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Chile is a remarkable travel destination that should be top of you’re list if you’re heading to South America.

From deserts and Andean altiplano in the north to wet, cold and windy channels, ice fields and amazing mountains in the far south, Chile offers a hugely diverse climate.

Chile is home to a number of incredible national parks including the magnificent granite peaks of Torres del Paine, the San Rafael glacier as well as the ancient forests, many volcanoes, lakes and high-altitude salt flats. There is the opportunity to go skiing, climbing, fishing and sailing in Chile, but if you do make sure you get a local guide to show you all spot off the beaten track!

Making sure you visit all of these sites is a must for every backpacker exploring Chile.

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Colombia has a reputation for being unsafe, dangerous and risky but times have changed, and the country is now relatively safe for travellers.

There so much to explore in Colombia and like Chile, the country offers a wealth of opportunities for thrill seekers including climbing, trekking and diving.

bathe in pools of volcanic mud, acres of flowers, remote coffee fincas high in the mountains and enjoy some of the best music festivals in the world.

The beautiful city of Cartagena is a gem that is full of wonderful old buildings lining flower-filled streets which offers a fascinating history rich in emeralds and pirates.

As well as a wealth of national parks, there is so much to do, see and explore in Colombia.

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Paraguay is a relatively explored pocket of South America which is famed for being a country of farmland, forest and folklore.

Often, you’ll come across areas which are deserted of people but thriving with wildlife. Outside of the capital Asunción, we recommend you head south and towards the remains of Mission settlements built in the 18th century and lie among lush, tropical forest near the banks of the Río Paraná.

As you head deeper into the country, you may want to visit the Chaco, a vast cross-border plain extending towards Argentina and Bolivia. Here you’ll find Mennonite communities and indigenous peoples.

Overall Paraguay is a richly intriguing destination to head to in South America, it isn’t for the faint-hearted but it will expand your travel horizons.

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