Random Destination Ideas

I suppose it’s perfectly understandable that there are some destinations all around the world which take the fancy of any traveller seeking to get away somewhere. This is mainly because of how many travellers have paved the way and perhaps also due to all the marketing and promotion surrounding those destinations.

Fair enough, but true travellers sometimes can’t help but develop the kind of wanderlust in them which has them seeking a whole lot more than just going through the motions and merely following in the footsteps of so many people who’ve gone before them. Sometimes you just want to go somewhere totally random – somewhere where when you tell someone about it they’re like “you’re going where?”

Here are some random destination ideas:

South Korea

Seoul in particular is not a place that readily comes to mind for a destination leisure travellers typically line up to visit, but if you’re looking to be able to say you’re going to a random place, go to South Korea!

There’s plenty to see and do, especially if you want to learn a bit about the more advanced iteration of Asian culture. It’s actually a destination which is more popular amongst locals and people from other Asian countries, attested to by just how many backpackers’ hostels there are, particularly in Seoul.

Sri Lanka

Admittedly this is becoming a little bit more of a popular destination for leisure travellers, but mostly because it’s a really cheap place to live. This would imply that you’d typically plan a longer stay in that part of the world, but this sub-continent definitely has a lot to offer.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Considering the international airport is in Sao Paulo I find it quite intriguing that this city on steroids receives fewer visitors than the likes of Rio. I guess I understand though, but go to Sao Paulo for a good travel experience which is admittedly also becoming increasingly less and less “random”.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This tropical island off the east coast of the African continent is a popular among regional tourists, such as those from South Africa, Kenya and the North African countries (Morocco, Tunisia, etc.) Simply put, it’s a comparatively very cheap place to visit considering what it offers. Picture-perfect tropical scenery on a budget.


Yes, this is the same Namibia which Donald J Trump referred to as “Nambia,” which in itself should indicate to you just how random it is. It is a desert country on the (south) west coast of Africa and is a popular destination for some of the world’s top sky-diving enjoyment. Accommodation can get really cheap as well, depending on the season during which you visit, but it will always make for a special getaway.


This Middle Eastern country pretty much never shows up in travel idea destinations, but I reckon that’s very soon to change. For now it still makes for a nice random place to visit, so go and experience it before the tourist scene really blows up and it starts getting expensive to enjoy all the hidden beauty awaiting the curious traveller.

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