Long Distance Relationships Explored

Love comes in the most unexpected of ways, one of which ways is perhaps so hard to understand unless you experience it yourself or if you witness a very close friend of loved-one experiencing it. Of course I’m talking about love that develops across great distances, which would imply that it’s largely a love that plays out digitally for the most part. People tend to defy some basic laws of logic and fall so deeply in love by just texting each other and by no means does this mean it isn’t real love in any way since many such relationships go on to thrive once the great distances are overcome and the two lovebirds finally get a chance to be together in the same space.

Nobody who “falls victim” to Cupid’s arrow in this way should at all feel bad because the heart wants what it wants. So it may appear to be utterly ridiculous to fall so deeply for someone who is miles and miles away from you, with all you really have going for you being some hope for things to come in future.

A common manifestation of this rather momentarily unfortunate shooting of Cupid’s arrow is when you’re away on a trip to some faraway place and a romance develops from a spark between you and another traveller from another faraway place. Holiday romances of this nature are often that much more intense because of the truly romantic setting surrounding it all and setting the scene perfectly. That’s perhaps why there’s a common belief that holiday romances are just a set-up for spectacular failure.

When the reality of the colossal task lying ahead of those who seek to extend their holiday romance further starts setting in, it can become very difficult to even imagine how it could be made to work out. If the feelings are real and strong enough however, no amount of distance or any other challenges can stand in the way of what may have otherwise been a holiday romance blossoming into a great love for the ages. There will be a lot of work involved though – make no mistake about that, but it’s possible…

Existing communication channels

So the end-goal must be clear here, which is perhaps to eventually make arrangements for one of you to make the dramatic change in your life of uprooting and going to live with your significant other. This doesn’t mean you should do it on impulse, but all communication channels you’ll be using should not be where the comfort of the relationship lies. I.e. telling each other about your respective days shouldn’t be what the relationship proper is all about.

A real plan to get together

For the period leading up to one of you having to make the great move for you to finally be together, there will naturally have to be some extended meetings so that you can see how it is to be in each other’s presence. Expensive it will definitely be, but keep in mind the end goal is for you to be together.

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