Interesting Airport Encounters Shared by Readers

So this post was quite long in the making, coming on the back of my reaching out to the growing list of regular readers of the blog to ask them to share some of their most interesting encounters endured at the airport. The airport is indeed one of the most interesting spaces you could ever find yourself in, anywhere in the world and so naturally expectations were quite high with regards to some of the stories to hear.

After all, one person can only have so many experiences, but once the conversation gets going then everybody seems to have an interesting airport encounter story of their own to chip in with.

Olympic stars extinguished

I had actually heard about the ordeal the Nigerian Olympic squad had to endure with regards to their travel clearances as they found themselves stuck in the United States en route to represent their country at the 2016 summer games. Things clearly got a lot worse for some of them because after the games were over, about four of the athletes found themselves stranded at the airport due to being on a delayed flight down from Rio and the next two connecting international flights to South Africa where they were to catch the final connection to Nigeria being full.

So they had to sleep at the airport for a whole two days!!

The extravagant soy milk drinker

Next is the story of a Ukrainian bloke who travels rather extravagantly with all his high-roller designer label clothes packed into his designer label bags, get this – packed by his assistant! So anyway, this dude was pulled over by customs for his excessive luggage, which to be fair he knew all too well about and was only too happy to have paid the hefty excessive luggage penalty fee levied on him.

All good and well – the interesting part of the story though is that of how he had 50 litres of soy milk with him, of which 30 litres was to be confiscated and destroyed because apparently that’s 30 litres above the 20 litre limit. He was rather gracious about the news, offering a rather humorous solution to the “problem.” He said he would be happy to drink all 30 litres right then and there!

The Korean runaway

This is perhaps a little sadder than the ordeal of the Nigerian Olympic athletes, ending all the way in tears. So a young South Korean girl was pulled aside by customs for the routine questioning with regards to how she’d be funding her travels and sustaining herself, and it soon emerged that she was actually a runaway escaping what is clearly a very demanding life back in her home country. She specifically said she cannot handle the pressure she receives from her mother anymore and saw it better to start a brand new life in a brand new country (New Zealand), convinced that she’d be able to make her way somehow.

I’ll definitely be publishing a whole lot more of these stories as more of them keep flooding in, so keep an eye out for them.

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