How To Pack Light Every Time

After years of traveling, I realized the benefits of carrying light baggage, I don’t have to worry about baggage fees and. And while other travellers are waiting in the baggage claim area  I am clicking in the seatbelt on my way to the hotel or back home.

A long journey through several climates.

First, if you want to wash your clothes. (Your shoulders and back will thank you if you do not wear 17 days clothes). You can pay for your hotel to find a nearby launderette or make use of the launderette service. Hotels chains like Oceania Hotels offer a great service but also you can also have a look at the local culture! – Just wash your dirty clothes in your sink.

Second, you become creative. This is the time when all things happen, such that it is possible that they take the right decision. It is also important to choose your luggage wisely. Make sure you have enough pockets and compartments to make organizing easy and as spacious as possible.

The secret in the treatment of several climate zones in stratification. The same light that you wear when you wander the wet streets of Buenos Aires can be the basis of your hike in the snowy Andes. Limit your heavy layers to a minimum: you can use the same sweater or fleece every day. And do not forget to bring your jacket on board.

The business trips

Business trips pose two primary challenges for light packers: they look professional without putting their suits, and they only carry the key team that can do the job. Unless it is a very long trip, it is usually possible to arrange a single neutral combination that can be combined with a variety of shirts, ties and / or accessories. For example, a woman can wear the same pants for a meeting and a dinner suit for a wedding dress. By adhering to neutral colors, you should also be able to hold a pair of shoes. If you bring a blazer or jacket, take it on the plane to make room in your carry-on.

The advent of the iPad and other tablets has greatly facilitated the task of business travelers by offering an alternative to bulky laptops. Do not have a tablet? If the trip is short, you can reach your hotel or business center or computer with a smartphone and one or two trips.

Note to business travelers attending a conference. Stay here before your departure If you do not have a room yet, check the rest to your office and hotel.