Why Cruises Aren’t Only for Retirees

Considering how the elderly don’t even dominate the promotional material cruise ship operators use to market their cruise offers, I must say it baffles the mind a bit as to why cruises are associated with retirees. I mean sure, going on a cruise is a favourite way to enjoy one’s retirement, explored by many a elderly couple, but by no means does this mean that cruises are only for retirees. In fact, considering the array of entertainment available on board a cruise ship, I would go as far as saying that cruises weren’t originally meant explicitly for retirees.

There are many reasons why cruises are super popular amongst retirees and the elderly, one of which is perhaps the fact that it’s an easy way to get around. They still get to travel the world, so to say, while intermittently enjoying their daily naps. I mean you can go to sleep in your cabin and then wake up in a different time zone, but the best thing about that is that you don’t have to worry about things like cooking and cleaning.

So getting back to the reasons why cruises aren’t only for retirees, it’s simply a matter of all the entertainment on offer, so too the destinations cruise ships typically dock at.


I know, I know – many may say that casinos proper which are located on dry land are retiree-heavy in their occupation, but it’s a little bit of a different vibe in casinos housed on a cruise ship. They’re more fast-paced in the action they offer, much like how those located in Las Vegas are depicted in movies. Very noisy with the kind of camaraderie the elderly generally no longer want to be a part of…

Night Clubs

You can party it up properly on a cruise ship, with the typical one housing at least five or six night clubs which cater to different tastes, but all of them are usually extremely high-octane and have clubbers going hard.

Sports and Action Facilities

As much as the elderly are encouraged to engage in as much physical activity as they can, surely asking them to take part in some competitive on board action sports would be asking a tad bit too much of them, would it not? These facilities suggest that a little bit more of younger and livelier crowd is what’s actually catered to, making for just one more reason why it’s somewhat of a fallacy that cruises were explicitly made for retirees and the elderly.

On some cruise ships there are fully equipped, professional-grade sporting facilities which the retirees on board don’t even bother coming into the vicinity of.

The Typical Cruise Ship Infrastructure Design

You only have to look at just how many flights of stairs there are on a cruise ship to realise that the ship was never really designed with the elderly in mind. I mean otherwise there would be a lot more elevators than outrights stairs, some of which stairs even sacrifice some of their functionality for appearances, proving to be quite the challenge for the elderly retirees on board.

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