Cliché Trips You’ll Actually Enjoy

Normally one would be encouraged to steer clear of all the clichés when it comes to booking your next trip and enjoying your holiday, but going beyond those truly authentic and more cultured travel experiences, there’s still a lot of enjoyment to be had in the typical travel clichés. Whether it’s the white sandy beaches of some exotic Caribbean location or getting lost in the excitement of the bush somewhere in Africa, some of the cliché trips available for you will have you enjoying yourself just as much as you would have fun going on any other trip.

Partying it up in Las Vegas

Yes, I’m even going to go as far as quoting the common cliché about a cliché trip which is perhaps known of the world over – “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…”

Las Vegas, Nevada has nightlife galore for those of you looking to get the party started. You can keep the party going for as long as you want really and there is all sorts of trouble to get into. This isn’t called Sin City for nothing, so it’s perhaps worth a visit if you want to get some of the beans you have out of your system. Just remember to keep everything you do within the confines of the law though, because as much as this is dubbed the sin city of the world, it doesn’t make what are otherwise illegal activities legal at all.

Shopping ‘till you drop in Dubai

I have one compound word for you – duty-free! That’s the reason why Dubai is a shopping hot spot. They’re trying to build a travel and tourism Mecca in that part of the world, so shopping malls have it all really, but you’ll probably have to pay import duties when you land back home…

Still, if you want it you can buy it somewhere in Dubai.

Safari in Africa

Yes, yes, Africa is a very big continent so I’d perhaps have to be a bit more specific about where exactly one can go on Safari. I mean it’s not like you just arrive at any point and get to stalk the wildlife, so the likes of South Africa and Kenya are great countries to visit, with the option of going on a safari just a few kilometres away from the best hotels, resorts, etc.

Lazing around in the Caribbean

Is there a more chilled-out group of people than Caribbeans? I think not and if you visit that part of the world and experience the super chilled-out environment, you’ll see why Caribbeans are so chilled out. Go to these tropics and just let your hair all the way down.

Diving off the coast of Australia

There are definitely quite a few other diving hot spots around the world, but it wouldn’t be a cliché trip if you didn’t head on over to Australia for your diving fix. Scuba diving and snorkelling are what I’m referring to in particular and if you head on down you’ll see exactly why it’s such a popular destination for diving.

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