Budget Traveller Blues

Budget travellers are a rare breed of people who have decided that they’re not going to wait for the right time to book a flight and go on the next trip if the right time is majorly affected by their budget. Costs are not an issue and it’s all about making the trip happen with the bare minimum resources you have at your disposal. Oftentimes this means that you have to settle for a less-than-ideal situation in which the comfort is compromised a bit, but this is just one of the many blues that come with being a budget traveller.

A limited experience of the destination

One of the most annoying realities of being a budget traveller is that of how so many times you’re made to get just a little taste of what the destination you’re visiting has to offer, but not quite being able to fully experience all which it has to offer the tourist. I’m talking here things like staying three or four rows back from the beachfront accommodation because it would otherwise deplete your entire budget to stay in those premium resorts and hotels and being limited in the activities you can get involved in.

For example, a trip to Mauritius might have you enjoying the beach once in a while, but not being able to perhaps take one of those 7-hour cruises which stop for some snorkelling on the way to an exotic picnic spot on an island somewhere.

You’re basically at the destination but not quite experiencing it fully.

Having to settle for plan B and Plan C destinations

Most budget travellers find themselves in places they never even planned to go to in the near future, if ever, but that’s one of the realities you have to deal with when your wanderlust just needs you to go somewhere, irrespective of the your budget.

Moneyed fallacy developing around you

There are probably only a few things worse in this world than people you know and love being of the belief that you’re a seriously moneyed individual when you’re not. Some people just don’t get the concept of budget travel and so they paint your life with a golden brush and treat you as if you’re an undercover wealthy individual.

Long delays, cancellations and other disappointments

Since a lot of the travel arrangements budget travellers make are as a result of things like re-routed flights, stand-by tickets, rebates and unoccupied rooms which would otherwise stand empty due to a typical low season, oftentimes a budget traveller will have to contend with the rather uncomfortable eventualities that crop up. A flight for which you have a stand-by ticket giving you access to open seats might suddenly become fully booked for example, in which case you’d have to wait for the next available flight and this could perhaps have a knock-on effect on some of the other travel plans you’ve made, such as when you reserved your accommodation for and when you organised your transportation for.

All that said and done though, it’s all about feeding your wanderlust as a budget traveller. All you want to do is fly away somewhere, anywhere and all the budget traveller blues in between are worth braving.

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