A True Taste of East Asia

Thailand has become a bit of a cliché by way of a very affordable travel destination, especially if you’re going to be lodging and hanging around in Bangkok proper. In fact, it’s perhaps famous for its sex tourism industry, although local tourism authorities don’t explicitly market it as a sex tourism hot spot, so one could in a sense say that this isn’t really where you’d go if you wanted to get a true taste of the East Asian experience.

However, there are equally strong arguments for Bangkok making for the ultimate in East Asian experiences, simply because that’s exactly what it is – a real experience you’re having in a popular destination that is located in East Asia. So one can perhaps be encouraged to take it as they see it because that’s exactly what it is. Everything which forms part of the experience is indeed part of the experience, including some of those elements which are hidden in plain view alongside some of those elements which are presented with an air of mystery. The bottom line is the first place people think about when pondering getting their dose of the true taste of East Asia is indeed Bangkok, Thailand, so we won’t take anything away from that at all.

Of course the question that often comes up then is that of what people actually do if they’re not heading down to that part of the world for the rather seedy-looking nightlife. I mean there are some ladies in this world who travel there solo, so what do they get up to?

If we start to peel back at the layers of a destination such as Bangkok in search of the authentic taste of the East Asian experience, it comes to light that there is probably no better place to go for the full experience. I mean life goes on during the day – the open air markets open and you can get some fresh produce, with the kind of variety that will make any vegan/vegetarian happy. There are also plenty of restaurants at which to get an authentic East Asian dining experience, not only by way of the food on offer, but also with regards to the setting of the typical dining joint.

Now, you get this authentic East Asian theme from many other popular and not-so-popular East Asian destinations as well, such as Bali in Indonesia, the Philippines as well and some of the other parts of Thailand itself, like Chiang Mai and Phuket. The dining style pretty much says it all really because it’s all about sampling just a little bit of everything.

The typical East Asian dish isn’t made out of one main meal, but rather presented as a collection of many small portions of so many different dishes and that’s mirrored in the entertainment as well. You can plan to have one main event for the day, but by the time the sun sets you will have enjoyed so many other activities around the main activity and that’s the true taste of the East Asian experience.

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